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  1. Member Project Bikes
    Hi guys and girls! My name is Jordan, and I run a metal art and fabrication shop called Kern Creations. I have always been interested in custom bikes, and street fighters are my favorites. So I recently picked up this beauty.... She is a 92 Kawasaki ZX600, and will be receiving my own special...
  2. Heavy Metal
    Just an idea but I've got an old 88 fz750 and the fairings are shot. I've been thinking about fabricating my own fairings but out of sheet metal. It might sound crazy but I think the finished product would look sweet. Im thinking about placing sheets of 1/16th in metal in the openings of the...
  3. Heavy Metal
    Just trying to get a few ideas on how I could repair this tank, short of slapping a bunch of bondo on it? Go!!
  4. Heavy Metal
    Trying to make something with 2 rotating tube and something to lock them in place. I found this product which as the rotating tubes and a clean way to lock them that doesn't involve a bolt through the tubes. I've tried to get in touch with the company to know where I could get the longer...
  5. Archived Classifeds
    Marshall Artist 30 3203 30 watt head. This is one of the JCM800 split channel amps. It's got an SS pre-amp and an all tube Power amp. Two EL-34's and one 12ax7 for the phase inverter. Two channels, efx loop & reverb. Works great. Footswitch included. $450 obo + shipping from 95765.
  6. Streetfighter Info
    Anyone have any info about this process. Some time ago I saw some DIY info on hydroforming exhaust pipes and tubes. Can't seem to dig it up now. I did see a vid that some guy made an expansion pipe for his 2 stroke. Looked like he welded it all up and then hooked up a pressure washer to expand a...
  7. Streetfighter Tools
    After reading over Matteblack's thread for the sheet metal break, I ran across this page. Lathe Plans They're primarilly for small hobby lathes. The plans are pulled from magazines printed in the 50's but the idea still works. Could easily be modified to make a larger lathe. Parts seem cheap...
1-7 of 9 Results