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  1. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Chip yates logged fastest lap and highest trap speed the very first race he ran witha n electric superbike! I'm not big into electric vehicles, but must say that is a stunning acheivement. Full article with link to vid here
  2. 2010 Fighter of the Year
    Beautiful Fighters this year folks! Click the names and pics for more info on each month's winner! Best of luck to everyone! And Kudos for all the amazing bikes! January - Seth420 February - CBRRRT March - Pigmool April - ban-1200 May - Motohorho June - Spikeydevilbandit July -...
  3. Member Project Bikes
    this is my somewhat new project dont mind the date on the camera i didnt set it, i made one sub frame and tail before and rode it last season with winter here it was time to take on a new look... and yes, these welds arent pretty but my miller is in the shop so it was flux core + sheet metal =...
  4. Member Project Bikes
    HI GUYs its me Randy aka GAYSHITFUCKER1200Retard this is a Pre build build thread AKA the DRAWING BOARD this is what i could possibly Haz??? if i get a good streetable frame only its dilapidated slightly, i lived with it in my living room for a year. my old roommate needs to get rid of...
  5. General Streetfighter Discussion
  6. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Gotta read this one... Yup, I'm a Harley owner... Not that it's all that bad, but ya know... On a side note, it's for sale and or (preferably) trade for something else like a fighter... Here she was day 1, dirty enough to make a man weep at the sight of her.. Oh yeah, and looking stock as...
  7. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Hi All, I have a 2001 ZX-12r and have removable swing arm extensions I would like to put back on. I dont feel like buying a new $180+ chain and was wondering if it is ok to link 2 chains I currently have together to achieve the proper length. One chain is an EKZVX2 530 chain, the other is a DID...
  8. General Streetfighter Discussion
    truly do love this place, so im proud to tell the world. also have a skully that i need to put on the bike, and on berserk. :skully::skully::skully::skully::skully::skully: :shocker:
  9. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Can't find much info on this. My swingarm is 7020 aluminum, and I need to weld in a patch. Does the patch need to be 7020, and what's the best way to weld in the patch??? Thanks!
1-9 of 58 Results