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  1. Archived Classifeds
    Angled Risers for sale. Great condition. 40$? Thanks,
  2. Archived Classifeds
    Im in the process of getting rid of my clipons on my SV-650 and I want to install some Renthal low handle bars. Hoping for a more comfortable ride, yet still a sick look. 1. I was wondering if anyone had any older risers sitting around or if they knew a good place to buy some risers? 2. Second...
  3. Archived Classifeds
    ... Looking for risers for GSXR Triple Clamp
  4. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    A collection of CF knowledge on the subjects surrounding the changeover from clip-on bars to straight/ MX style/ Renthal/ dirty bars (number of posts correct at time of posting this thread): Putting risers on the bike, just have a few questions - 91 posts (nicely done, good photos - especially...
  5. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    So ive been searching the internet for what seems like forever and i have yet to find risers that would fit 7/8 bars. I've found a lot of 7/8 bars with the specs i want. is there any company that makes clamps?
  6. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Need y'alls input if you please. I've been working on some handlebar designs recently. I'm interested in offering these for sale on a made to order basis. There are still a number of factors to work out and finishing pieces that need to be done. The pics posted below are prototype models, not...
  7. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Which is the more preferred option handlebars with risers or clipons. I know there are alot of things you have to consider. Tell me which one you prefer and why
1-7 of 7 Results