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  1. Member Project Bikes
    HI im new to the forum wanna share my new project more pix to come
  2. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    1995 CBR900RR As you can see it's not finished, that's why I am here. I like cable ties, beer and sunset walks. This is my dog: My bike has a jet kit, 5 degree ignition advancer and a seat from another bike. Not sure what kind. I have chopped off the last 10cm of the subframe and I'm...
  3. Dirty Tards & Minis
    some old pics of me and my drz.
  4. Member Project Bikes
    So today I picked up my 1982 GPZ750. I paid $1500 plus $172 for 3mnths rego. These are the pics from the seller, I'll get my own over the weekend if I can pick the camera up from Cashy's... I then got: 4L Motul Mineral Oil $35 Oil filter $20 Oil filter cover o-ring $11 Oil filter bolt...
  5. Member Project Bikes
    Bandit 600 Project Cursed Somewhat of a love hate relationship with this steed of mine... I love it, it hates me.. Had a couple of minor accidents, also had it nearly throw me off at speed when a car cut me up on the motorway and most recently it threw a chain through my front sprocket cover...
  6. Stunt Spot
    SSWF training day on Vimeo
1-6 of 14 Results