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    Marshall Artist 30 3203 30 watt head. This is one of the JCM800 split channel amps. It's got an SS pre-amp and an all tube Power amp. Two EL-34's and one 12ax7 for the phase inverter. Two channels, efx loop & reverb. Works great. Footswitch included. $450 obo + shipping from 95765.
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    Hey Everyone, These guys are some of my best buds in the world and they are about to release there first album and could use some online support. Please take some time, Check them out at Reverb nation If you like what you hear/see, become a fan and tell...
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    Looking at ANOTHER bike for sale... I need some help on deciding if I should buy this bike or not... Today I was checking out some jackets. Went to a few bike shops and did some browsing. Then I walked into the last one, it was closing in 20 min. The guy at the door asked me if I was looking...