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  1. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hey everyone I've been a member for a while but never committed completely. I've already been working on my bike without any pictures for progress. I've come to the end of my rope idk what to do with the electrical work or my seat. Some tips and hints would kick ass, i dont possess much know...
  2. Paint and Bodywork
    Looking for some help with seat and tail end ideas for my 1997 YZF600R. I want to be able to keep the original subframe somewhat in tact. I dont have the resources to weld, so I am looking to cut and use brackets to mount the end piece back on. I dont mind relocating my reservoir and shock...
  3. Cafe Fighters & Cafe Racers
    Saw this neat cafe seat DIY build article: A way cool idea + cheap too. Not mine... enjoy Fosters Lager oh yeah :drinks:
  4. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    I wana fighter an old xs. I need help with getting a new tank.. what fights? I want a big beefy road bike tank and advice on the seat. I a, going to have a short tail just popping out from my seat, and that will act as my mud guard to protect electrics.. but as anyone will know the xs's have...
  5. Paint and Bodywork
    This thread is dedicated to the many questions posted regarding how to swap a tail section from one model to another. This isn't exactly a step by step guide. It's more of a general idea as every bike will be different. Hopefuly you'll have a better idea as to what is involved. The Project...
  6. Cafe Fighters & Cafe Racers
    Hey guys and gals. Im new to the site. I recently aquired an 81 suzuki gs 750 which I like a lot. The only problem is that I am having a hard time finding parts for it. I dont mean stock replacement parts, i mean aftermarket things like tail sections, seats, etc. it just doesnt have the amount...
1-6 of 6 Results