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    If asked.. this is what i would come up with..
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    Yeh so i use this program for everything at the dealershit Lightspeed NXT now im pretty fast almost the fastest but i want to be faster at it anyone know any shortcuts with this program? if you do know any plz plz post up ive tried soo hard to use search engine skills and nothin
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    AS we all know, (some of us) i was layed off at the Stealership starting jan 01 20 10 well last week they called and was like "hey, can you work Saturdays" me being the dude that i am was like yoink "hells yeh" well i work that first sat and im like cool i dig this well wed rolls round im doin...
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    Enraged Music Teacher [email protected]@[email protected]@file= Music Teacher&tags=teacher,school,april,fools,d01&description=With a great April fool's...
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    in my fight to fight ive come to the conclusion that i want usds for my Bandit so ive been throwin around the idea of buying another rear wheel assembly engine and carb assembly and wire harness and doing some mild engine work to the lump and putting the old lump,carb assy. and front end and...
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  7. Archived Classifeds im stoned and this seeeeems funnnnnny
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    im starting a photo dump in this thread...feel free to comment as many times as u like even if its what drugs were u on in that pic or say "hahahahahah" or hey broseph nice bong :LolLolLolLol::LolLolLolLol: :LolLolLolLol: pics of random days at the shop while being "un-employed full time"...
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  10. Archived Classifeds
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    I have a <3 on for Bandits so i figured id spread the love someone buy it before i rob a bank
  12. Art Related Section
    Hey bitches i figured why not i put em up everywhere else so ill let it rip Monday, April 07, 2008 Spring Tidings the barrel of a gun gives birth to this world new life so on and so forth and yet none the better to state such a bore in our minds we hide blood drops to the floor the sun...
  13. General Streetfighter Discussion
    so i checked through many pages in the search field like a good lil newb so i think it warrants this thread maybe? so what do you guys prefer of the three cans feel free to post any pics of said cans i know i personally have a Scorpion Carbon that i Modified to pass inspection its ok but im...
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    So, I'm gone for over a month on field work, then when I get back I got this snazzy new office chair in my cube. We all got new ones in the entire office. Comfy, light, got the built in lumber support, and made of that newfangled weave material so it has some airflow. Why do I hate it? My old...
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    buddy of mine is in dire need of money hes got a rim off of a R6 full assembly rotor/ sprocket, axle, cush drive and a decent tire i think it fits the 99 to 2002 models, three spokes, black, tire changing scratches here and there once i can get pix i will he wants 200 for the lot yeh...
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    if anyones too lazy to mount their tires i can do it n the winter time if u send the rim and the tire and pay for shipping i enjoy using the tire machine at work thats what i have to offer right now or if ur in need of a usable but used tire thats slightly cupped or (-)<------ this...
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    hey folks dis is gsf1200R this is what i need for my build to happen i need 0ne or more of the following 1) Aftermarket rearsets to fit a 2005 Bandit 1200 2) Fuel Tank of same vintage (no rust plz) dont mind dents 3) front fender and tail sections for experimenting 4) VfR750 swinger set up 5)...
  18. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Anyone use these guys and were they good also any opinions on ppg or house of kolors :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock: :suzuki:, :honda: :yamaha:
  19. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    what up playas dis is randy im from va i have a 2005 bandit b4 i got it steves performance shawty mod last but not least my very first ride... its ol skool fo sho 1978 amf supeglide i learned to wrench real quick and to handle the corners with torque from one 12 to another
  20. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    hey there guys, not shit goin on here in va...just putting together a b12 bought it off a guy who dropped it twice in one day... took 3 months to get it paid for and another to get it back on the road paid a dollar a cc and another hundie for a right rear set and another hundie on the stock...