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  1. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Anyone know where I can get a one piece fiberglass racing tail?
  2. Member Project Bikes
    So I plan on doing quite a few mods to my minty stock '06 Fusion White s3. I will also try to do detailed writeups for each mod I do so that it stays as a resource for other people. I will also post the DIY's seperately from my own updates so that they can be linked more easily. Stuff on...
  3. StreetFighter Articles
    Click here more information about Kaenmuro's streetfighter, and more pictures!   Q&A With The Winner: Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles? Kaenmuro: Well my first bike was Suzuki Pv moped that my parent bought me to drive around in our summer house, but I got in to motorcycles as...
  4. Streetfighter pics
    This is Bling Bling my latest custom bike. It is in this months Rapid Bikes in OZ check it out!
  5. Archived Classifeds :knucks:
  6. Member Project Bikes
    So I'm starting a build thread for my project even though I'm in the "parts gathering" stage of the build. Starting with the wrecked 05 Daytona 955i I picked a few weeks ago. Aside from the trashed plastics the bike needed/needs a front wheel, some rearsets and little things like levers and...
1-6 of 7 Results