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    Chris Teach McNeil started out riding in New Hampshire with Core6 and crew. They put out a few videos, all of which wore out in our dvd players - and they rode the summer nationals in Worcester every year, killing it in the tunnels. I saw teach practicing one morning with Tony D, just the...
  2. StreetFighter Articles
    Alex Flores of sunny California took some time with me at the end of last year to put down a private session and quick interview for CF. We met up and looked for some good spots to shoot at in the Cali hills but were denied by gates at about every entrance we could find, so we headed to a spot...
  3. StreetFighter Articles
    Finnish motorcycle stunt team Plan Bee´s eight-year career has come to an end.   The team has performed in a wide variety of venues,  from industrial sites and courtyards to Germany´s  Hockenheim Nitrolympx events in front of 80,000 people. During the last three years, Plan Bee has been blessed...
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    pfieffer is the man...and this proves it!
1-4 of 4 Results