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  1. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    Cam-to-Cam oilers for the old oil boiler gixxers. These things are super simple, 2 banjo heads and bolts and a 4" piece of braided line. They can't be too hard to make. I just don't know what size banjos, line, and how or where to get the pieces fit together. Anyone want to enlighten me on a...
  2. Photoshop Fighters
    anyone up for helping me retire my old but trusty one? i found some pics buried in the depths of my comp that i would like to use
  3. General Streetfighter Discussion
    And he wants to sell it. He first asked me what to do about routing fuel lines since he yanked em to rfix the carbs, never got back to it, and now has no idea what goes where. It also sat near the beach and rusted. No pics of it. He says he tried to start it, got it running, but the fuel lines...
  4. Member Project Bikes
    Well, after having my 'Blade stolen in mexico I was kinda bummed out and didn't really do much with bikes for a while. Now I'm back on the beat and my new project is underway... The goal is to make a super light and snappy bike with lots of low end punch. a thing that handles like a razor and...
  5. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Had to blow out the cobwebs, so the better half grabbed the camera
  6. Bike Specific Streetfighter Pics
    I know theres already a Suzuki GSXR Thread, but im going to break it down again into Oil Cooled and Water Cooled Threads, im going to try and upload about 10 pics a day on both and also the other manufacturers aswell, i'll prob double up on a few so apologies in advance.. :rock:
  7. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    WELCOME TO THE SITE! THANKS FOR SIGNING UP! hope you enjoy the site. let us know if you think anything sux.. and feel free to post up some pics of ur ride! :cfrocks:
1-7 of 9 Results