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super has aids

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    Hey all, I am looking for a used 1990 or 91 Honda Hawk NT650 Gt for my wife. Does anyone know anyone on the site who has modded one up? I just want to generate an idea of how easily i can procure parts / performance items for this bike. I think it is a perfect bike for her build and hell i might...
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    Here's the deal. A few of us on here have mad post-whoring skills and they can be used now. We're trying to crack the half million post mark by next week for AB. All we need is 16000 and some odd posts to hit it, so it should be very doable. PWAS it up, and the noob with the highest post...
  3. General Streetfighter Discussion been meaning to post this bike for some time now. took me a while to find it. hope u enjoy.
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    Awww yeah, this is an action shot of me just coming through the apex of a turn, down the produce aisle! :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:
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    Its huntin season next month,I shoot like aye tipe so keep oota them fookin woods mates ! Dont worry yer safe I always mis!:D Anywun else hunt?pics, stories ,boasts ,exagerations all gratefully accepted ..;)
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    the dude who sold me the mc right in the cock
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    During my search for an oil-cooled GXSR I was offer the privilege of buying a top 1100. It was a dream come true, so I bought the bike and it was basically perfect. But the seller wanted some of the bits off of it so I am left with the core of my fighter. I spent Saturday tearing down...