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    I really, really like this a lot, and it's Phoebe-sized, of course ;) I would ride the crap out of this thing!
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    I recently bought my first bike. It runs, but needs a lot of work. With the help of my good friend Frank, I plan on resurrecting the Kat and bringing it back as a bad-ass streetfighter. We've been at it for just under a week. Already we've removed the fairing, investigated an oil leak, put...
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    Newest creation out of FOH's garage a cleaned up water-cooled GSXR, ready to kill the streets 1992 Suzuki GSXR Mikuni RS flat slide carb 99 GSXR 750 wheels 99 GSXR brake rotors and calipers Yosh RS3 exhaust shortened with custom flange One off carbon fiber tail section KXF headlight modified...
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    The 93-95 models were known as the W's (water cooled) are the motors interchangable between these model years. IE 95 motor in 93 frame?
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    We recently spoke with Gonzo of in Germany about his recent build, called Hot Chocolate. Because of his dislike for flash Gonzo went with an industrial color of brown with no shine to it. This single bike will disprove many people's opnions that there could never be a good looking...
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    Its a 1997 Rf900 I sold the Tiller, cuz it was too much for the wife. Think this will work for a chic who is 5'7" - 5'8" ish?
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    Two Wheels, and a Motor or.....Gixabandit, another 7/12 I'm just starting to do some fit up work for the new pieces, but I should have this bike ready for spring. I'm using an '86 GSXR 750 chassis, and putting the motor, and misc. bits from my once cherry (bought new) 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200...
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    Anyone got pics?
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    Wanted, any and all oil cooled suzuki engine parts and complete engines. I have a couple katana 600 motors I need to rebuild, But I am also looking for anything oil cooled. Katana 600, 750, 1100 any year GSXR 750, 1100 any year Bandit 600, 1200 any year. internal bottom end and top end...