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  1. Paint and Bodywork
    Hi new here do hope things are good! Was going to fabricate using metal however going for fiberglass as its just easier What brand foam blocks should I use to create/mold the shape of my seat pan, it's going to be 70’s track bike with a tail Also any brands for resin and fibreglass? That...
  2. Member Project Bikes
    Hey lads, Short presentation: About 2 and a half years ago I sold my bike to buy a car (sv650 k4). One year passed and I needed a project, and found this 1997 Volty 250. Mainly it is the same base as the GN250 but it has a cafe look by default. Anyway, it started, sounded nice but...
  3. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Why hello fellow fighters, brats, trackers, caferrsss, and bobbers. I recently acquired a cbr 600 f4i i got el cheapo wrecked and am attempting to breath life back into her as a modern cafe/brat take. so far all of the fairings have been stripped and got myself cb 550 headlight painted the...
  4. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    I hate to drop a question like this as it may have been mentioned before but I for one know that a few people here would appreciate the answer to this so bear with me please. The Honda C(-)360T series runs a Keihin CVK carburetor. The issue is finding adjustable needles. For that same matter...
  5. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Found this over on the SideBlog. Very cool, even for an HD :D
1-5 of 5 Results