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  1. Member Project Bikes
    My latest project is a 2002 Buell M2. I just couldn't pass up the weird looks and engine of this beast and I got a great price. When I got it the tail plastic was damaged, the starter gasket was bad, the blinkers were huge, the mirrors were hideous, the bars were too tall, and the headlight...
  2. Cafe Fighters & Cafe Racers
    well i've got my cb400 and i like the way it looks now, but i dont know about seats or rear sets or anything else really all advice or in put is welcome
  3. Streetfighter pics
    It may evolve to something more, but for now, with days to spare for the deadline, it's done! My pride in this bike can't be measured. It's an extension of self. -Ben (Rat)
1-3 of 3 Results