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  1. Member Project Bikes
    Hello All. I picked up this rough Viffer about a year and a half ago, but im just now starting to make some progress on it. when I got the bike it had been laid down and and ziptied back together so immediately I removed all the plastic and subbed in a cheap ebay headlight When I bought her...
  2. Member Project Bikes
    So I recently picked up someone else's streetfighter project with plans to use it as a daily commuter to and from the office. So far its turning into a bigger project then expected, unforeseen mechanical issues have been delaying progress on cleaning the bike up as much as I want. So far I've...
  3. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Ok, so I have my F4 project still without any end in sight, but something caught my eye. I found a 98 VFR 'project' in Craig's. From the pics it looks like the plastics have been messed with, the tank has been bondo'd into some different shape or something, and it is missing wheels and forks...
1-3 of 3 Results