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  1. Archived Classifeds
    Like the title says. Need a set of sportbike wheels. Yamaha, Kawi, Suzi, ect. Rear is 5.5" 3.5" front. Can be any displacement, need to be 17" diameter. I am located in austin,tx but I often drive to dallas,tx. Let me know what you have. Maksim
  2. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    I am still in the progress of hunting down a "perfect" bike. Due to this i have some questions. I have found a bike that is equipped with magnesium wheels. 1. What are the benefits of this? 2. What are the cons og this? 3. how would these affect the price of the bike? 4. If i where to buy...
  3. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Newbie here. I just brought an old school 86 ninja 600R that was practically under water. Now that I road it for a couple of days i am going to spend the winter turning it into a "Custom Fighter". I will post the before, during and after as i go. My biggest question right now is: What is my...
1-3 of 3 Results