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'00 6R in progress...always!

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Couple years back, I bought a totaled ZX6R with the intent of turning it into a stunt machine...never happened, got married and had kids instead!

Now I have decided that I need two streetbikes, so I am in the process of getting this one street legal, and turning it into a fighter...probably not a wise choice in Virginia...they are kinda anal about some things.

Anyway, it's a super slow process with me, so I will post up pics when I do something I deem the gauge bracket and flyscreen I did this past weekend! Ahhh hell, it's a start!

Once I get the ram air tubes hooked back up and a few other lines hidden, I will put the tank back on and get some pics outside...should look better in the daylight than in the garage at 1am!!


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Heh, heh...just realized, I have been lurking for a month and that was my first post!!

Here's one of my favorite least I know when I get old I can still ride!!


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Glad to have ya !! Welcome to the site, and congrats on your first post :LolLolLolLol: :D
I like it man, the colors and the fairing are nice.
nice to see you made it over here from chopper underground im STREETstunter over there
Good to see ya skiv, welcome
heh, i didn't know you were over here too skiv?

glad to see it.

lemme know if you need a hand with that 'fighter project. i have alot of spare time at the moment, lol.
Thanx guys...there will be more posts. All I can think about lately is getting this bike going, so I am sure there will be more pics and progress to follow!

Steve, I appreciate the offer, and you know you will be the first I call if I can't figure something out!! Right now I am trying to do all of it myself...we'll see!

The color...well, that's undecided at this point. I am sure the frame will be black, probably soon, and probably metallic black. I like flat black, but it gets smudged too easily, and I like my bikes on the purty side.

Here's both of the '03 636 new, still mostly stock, but I doubt I will fighter that one...still fun to hit the twisties with it!

The other pic is an idea I came up with on where I thought this bike might go...guess we'll see on that as well!!


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i dunno why, but i kinda dig that mad max "end of the world" look.
so I need to weld some guard rails, spikes, and barbed wire to the bike??:D
Ok, got the screen and gauges on the bike in the flat of course I took it back off! I tucked the wires behind it, painted it metallic black, cleared it, and reinstalled it! The first couple pix are with the flat I need to cut a decal like the one in my avatar for the screen!

Then of course I remounted the tank, seats, and the mirror. Did all that in about a half hour...then I had to install the new/ old exhaust so it would be quiet again for the inspection...rode it down the block and snuck up on my neighbor! LOL

Anyway, it ran great...and damn that front end comes up easy with no weight...I think it's actually easier than my 636!


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Ok, I was busy today...and I had some paint! These are just teaser pics until it's daylight and I can get some proper ones!

BTW, the skull on the windscreen is just a template hanging there to see what it looked like, and the one on the tank protector won't go on just yet. I figure that I should wait until after the inspection before I start putting any distractions on the bike that could scare my kids or the inspector!!

Next plan of attack is remove the cage and decide if I want to paint the frame and swingarm...yet! I will probably do the rims when I get new rubber, so they will probably be red for a while!


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me likey...I like the skull on the flyscreen
4's the daylight pics...the paint is alright concidering it is from a rattle can, then cleared!


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and a concept pic with the black frame and shorty can...


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wow, no comments on it...I am surprised!:LolLolLolLol:
I just noticed the thread :D

Nice spraypaint work man

I'd put barbed wire on my bike except I'm afraid of it ripping my intestines out if I crash :haelo:
Skiv, check out the Old School forum on kawiforums, I wrote up details about my 636 swingarm swap that might interest you
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