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Bought a SV650 this week, took it for a test drive, signed the papers, got it in the drive way...

... And promptly dropped it like a fucking noob. :doh:

No damage, except for my ego and possibly a slightly bent shift lever, I get the bike back up like a fuckin' champ and set it on the side stand over night, come out the next morning and shit won't fire. Everything is as it should be, key turns everything on, bike indicates in neutral, all the lights/horn work. Try it with the kill switch on, off, clutch in, clutch out, kick stand up, kick stand down, kick stand switch manually engaged, etc. Thumbing the starter does nothing, not even attempting to turn over.

APPARENTLY, these are all the symptoms of a faulty or damaged clutch switch, probably caused by the drop. SVrider says I can either mess with the wiring or do some funky checks with the clutch lever. Has anyone had this particular issue before, and how did you fix it?

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Dropped bike... been there.

I don't have any suggestions for your '01 SV, but when I dumped my 05 it was because I ended up knocking it out of Neutral. Sometimes you can get a false neutral, check and see if your bike still rolls and isn't just showing the 'N' light and lying to your face.

And if it was lying to you, then you should beat it with a chain and not feed it for 3 days. That's the only way they learn.

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P.s. I'm only here because CK made me.
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