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01 to 08 gsxr 1000 motor into a 96 to 99 gsxr750 or 96 to 00 gsxr600 frame

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since there is now a swaps forum i thought i would put some info about this motor swap in here since i have a great deal of experience with it. most of the info can be found in other sites but who wants to go to another site to find anything? anyways on to the info. the first parts are not written by me. if i add any info it will be at the end

GSXR 1000 motor installed in a 99 GSXR 750 SRAD, step by step (same frame as in 96-99 750 and 96-00 600). If you don't have a Dremel, power drill, jigsaw, a decent tool collection, and a fridge full of beer, then don't even bother trying to do any of this. In total I spent around 20 hours doing this over one rainy weekend. Enjoy.


1. Get all the stuff you need for the swap: motor, full wiring harness with ECU and all regulators and sensors, throttle boddies, airbox, oil rad, etc., and gut your bike so that you've got a rolling chassis (remove everything that's getting replaced).... If you have the GSXR 1000 airbox the bottom of the ram-air intakes will stick out at a funny angle. You may need to trim the ram-air intakes to meet flush with the frame. You can see the differance between the two airboxes in the pic below (600/750 airbox on the left, 1000 airbox on the right).

2. Admire your new gauges.

3. Gut your bike... Then connect everything up and hook it up to a battery to make sure everything is operational. Obviously don't start it, but give the starter button a tap to make sure it cranks over... check compression too if you want.

4. Remove 1/4 of an inch of material from the left side of the lower rear motor mount
(Use Dremel with cut-off wheels to do it right). This has to be done accuratly so that the sprockets line up and the chain runs straight!

5. Now cut approximatly 1/4 of an inch of material off the other side. You can cut a bit more or less since the mount on the frame has an adjustable fit-thing that will fine-tune the fit.

6. You will need a 98-99 FI fuel pump, which I already had. Now take the fuel pump out of the gastank and flip it around so it's installed backwards. Otherwise the fuel line won't reach the gastank. If you have a 98-99 FI tank then you will need to plug the middle fluel line (circled in yellow) on the back of the tank. If you have a 96-97 tank then you're ok...

7. move motor into position for mounting and bundle up wiring harness to get it all out of the way (unless you want to unplug the whole harness, but I didn't bother).

8. Get the motor into the lower mount and put a motor mount bolt in there, but don't tighten it yet.

9. Swing motor up and into position and throw a bolt into one of the upper front mounts to hold it in (the bolt won't line up with anything, but it will prevent the motor from swinging forward/down). Oh ya, have friends on hand cause you'll have trouble doing this by yourself. To get motor into proper position simply install throttle boddies and airbox and move motor until the ram-air tubes on the airbox line up with the frame. Then support it there somehow...

10. Use cardboard to start designing a motor mounting bracket... trial and error here since you'll go through a few design templates.

11. Take your bracket templates and cut them out of good quality, strong, steel! This shit took a while to cut, and it's bloody heavy stuff.

12. Heat and bend the mount here and there to get the perfect shape to meet all the corresponding mounts.

13. Shave the front upper motor mounts accordingly to meet the brackets perfectly. You'll have to do your own mesurements here to get the best fit since your brackets will be custom.

14. Other side shaved mounts...

15. Same deal here, making the right side mount...

16. Slide mounts in and mark where you have to drill the holes, then drill them... Install mounts by lowering motor and bolting both mounts to the motor with engine bolts. Then raise the motor back up and bolt the frame to the mounts...

17. Same for the other side... bolt everything down nice and tight!

18. Fresh spark plugs, fresh oil, fresh filter... then install the headers...

19. Install nitrous line into airbox for dry system...this step is optional

20. Do whatever electrical work you have to do. I had to extend the radiator fan wires and the temp-sensor wires. Then I modded the headlight plug to fit my mini-light. Then I modded the fuel pump plug to fit the 99 fuel pump.

*For the radiator you will need either a Gixxer 1k rad or a 96-97 750 rad because the 98-99 ones do not have temp sensors on them. I used a 97 GSXR 750 radiator and it worked great. You will need to get a longer rad hose on the right side to do this, or just get the proper rad.

21. Mount guages. Just be creative here...You can see how I mounted them, with the upper portion of the 99 mount reserved for a Sigma computer, and a O2 sensor guage underneath.

22. Step back and admire what you just did.

23. The rear mount is all finished and installed. Needless to say use a dremel to remove the original mount, then drill/bolt in your mount. Install the mount by the engine bolt 1st; you'll probably have to lower the motor like I did, install the mount, then raise the motor to bolt the mount to the frame.
The tank clears the top of the mount by half an inch, so it fit perfectly, and it's definetly sturdy, not that it wasn't before anyways.
The bike is a bit heavier, obviously, but the power more than makes up for the weight. I made the cardboard templates to a perfect fit, then had the parts cut out of steel with a water-jet-cutter, then I had them welded.

Here are some rough templates for making the motor mounts. They have some measurements to get you started. Obviously after these are cut they require custom trimming, bending, welding, and drilling for the holes. For the rear-upper mount, the green shows where welds have to be made, and see higher up for a pic of the finished bracket...

24. Bolt it all up and you're done. Here's how she looks now!
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there are a few differences between this install and mine. i didnt have to bend my transition plates on the front like skidmark did. using 3/16 steel i only had to trim about 1/16 off the motor mount and off the motor itself. i also ended up welding the bottom of the 08 1000 tank into mine to use the right pump. if you have a carbed srad you need to cut and extend the vent lines inside the tank to clear the pump.

all credit for this writeup goes to SKIDMARK from
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Awesome thread thanks for posting.

Do you know what years of 1000cc engine this is applicable to?
01-08. the 09 and up has a stacked trans. shorter frame, longer swingarm. it can be done with that but it would be much more difficult. i did mine in a tin shed with basic hand tools.
this to me is a very very interesting swap that i want to do some day, thank you for sharing the info.
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SRAD Swap Bro
this is one of my favorite motor swaps for a few reasons. its really not that hard, you can still put the stock fairings back on and have a hell of a sleeper, and unless you come across someone that really knows there stuff then no one will know what you have done. that and the srad frame is a solid solid base that you can build off of easily. fork swaps are insanely easy since almost all gsxrs from srad and up have the same bearings and stem length. almost all the wheels will swap around. same with the 06ish and lower swingarms. subframes are VERY simple and easy to mount. and all the electrical bits as well as the coolant overflow will fit under the tank.
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01-08. the 09 and up has a stacked t longer swingarm. it can be done with that but it would be much more difficult. i did mine in a tin shed with basic hand tools.

Hey question if u get this can u put a tad from a 09 750 gsxr on a 09 1000cc
Might have meant rad as in radiator? Dunno myself and I'm unsure if Casey even signs in anymore. Probably best off asking one of the 10 trillion other motorcycle forums that deal with GSXR's? Not saying CF isn't the place to ask, but it's an oddly specific question for someone who did a 7/10 swap.
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01-08. the 09 and up has a stacked trans. shorter frame, longer swingarm. it can be done with that but it would be much more difficult. i did mine in a tin shed with basic hand tools.
I have a 08 750 motor I’m trying to put it in the 2001 will it work ??
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