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Up for sale is my 2002 DRZ 400 S/SM. I have owned this bike since 03 when it had 100miles on it. Never had any problems with it besides the stator. Mileage is roughly 23,000 miles. I say roughly because I have done 3 track days with it without a speedo AND it has a different speedo on it now reading 2500miles. 23,000 is a high estimate.

The parts:, im sure ill forget a few things but here is what i remember because i hate seeing "too much to list".

MRD/SSW full exhaust with quiet tip and open tip
Epic/SSW FCR39 with flex jet and second needle(i played around with the needle to see which worked best, the needed that shipped when eddie tuned it is in the carb) I am running a single throttle cable
open top airbox(more than 3x3)
E Cams
E base gasket(12.2:1 compression)
RM Stator upgraded Stator
Electrosport Reg/Rec
Kick Start added
Free power mod
Bitech MCCT
Zeta SX top clamp
Moose CR Hi Fat Bars
Moose Hand guards
CR250 clutch perch with shorty lever
Edge2 tail light(red lense)
SDG Tall Seat
Dirt rims have a Braking OS floating front rotor( front rim is a yz rim since the speedo runs off a magnet on the rear wheel i swapped front rims with someone with an SM that wanted the speedo drive)
Dirt rims with near new Pirelli Scorpion 95% DOT knobbies
Zing Graphics over steel tank, various fenders. white, black and blue rear fender. I think i only have a black SM and black S front fender
Koso DB01r(i think thats the model) speedo. This has a tach but it stopped working about 500 miles ago and i havent looked into if it was just a wire issue. It happened off road. I am going to look into it when i pull the tank to detail the bike.
Case Savers
Warp9 SM rims(black rim silver hub, this is the bike you see in the video on the warp 9 site), Has contiSM tires on it with maybe 30-40% left in them.
ebc 320 floating front rotor.
Various gear changes, 14,15,16 front. 42,48 for the sm rim, 43 and 47 for the dirt rim i think.
OEM drz SM chain guide added to the swing arm
DRC SM pegs( raised up and have sliders on them)
I just got a new air filter for it and i have 2 others that can be cleaned

Im sure there is more im forgetting. Along with that I also have the oem parts, exhaust, cams, carb, tool kit, pegs for passenger and oem drive pegs, speedo(although i cut the plug to put on the koso but left plenty of wire), Oem top clamp with tall risers to go from 7/8 to 1 1/8 bars, owners manual etc. Also i have a fork rebuild kit with seals, bushings and oil that i havent gotten around to yet. Given the mileage I would suggest someone either do a big bore or just do a new top end gasket set with rings. It doesnt blow or burn oil but that is just what I would do/plan for if I were buying a 20k mile plus bike. I actually have a top end gasket kit that i got when i did the E base gasket so i have some of the parts.

I used this bike in S trim for trail riding and commuting until 2011 when i added the hop up parts and SM stuff. From there i did a few track days with it and bought a 450 track only bike. There isn't anything wrong with the bike, I am just looking to get something a little better for the trails since I dont ride street much anymore and its a bit heavy for serious trail riding.

I have lots of pics and vids of this bike in various forms over the years. These pics were from last weekend.[email protected]/8955828390/in/photostream/[email protected]/8942895276/in/photostream/

dirty in this picture.

Asking $4k for it. I haven't dyno'd it but i think mid 40s at the rear wheel in its current setup. With a 434 or 440 big bore it would be around 50hp. It weighs about 310 in full street trim with lights and signals. With lights removed for the track it was 300lbs. In basically stock S trim they go for $1800-$2200 for this year range. With hop up parts around $3k-$3500. Plus add in the SM setup and all the stock parts. I don't need to sell it but I would like to get into a ktm exc so im testing the waters. Im in blacksburg VA which is about 45mins from Bluefield WV, 2hrs to VIR/Danville VA and about 2hrs from NC where 77 crosses the line. 4hrs south of DC/NOVA area.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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first to go will be the SM parts, wheels, brakes and probably the speedo.

After that I might sell the fcr39 carb, ssw/mrd full pipe and E cams. Still undecided on that part. Basically i can sell the Stock S bike with the parts i have for about 2200. If i sell off the carb, cams, pipe and sm stuff thats roughly 2k.
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