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the finished product
it aint no show pony
what it looked like befor i crashed it and it began its transformation
a work in progress

I must appoligise for the latness of this post, My ISP went broke and i havent been able to get another orgnised as yet, the telco has to take the codes of at the exchange so that i can get another, so for the mean time i have to use a neternet den to do this through so please bare with me.

the 03 gixxer though is standard motor wise, it has a moded 03 R1 subframe which was done in such a way as to accept all the orignal R1 plastics etc, so if it gets broke it just of the shelf replacements ( with the exception of the actual subframe )
It has been given a new rear sprocket ( 56T )
It has been fitted with an acherbris headlight set. and obviously the mx bars and braided front break lines.

This is going to be one tough comp as there are all very high qhality builds entered
Good luck to all and i'll get back on the net as soon as i can.

Cheers Clive.
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