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Hello I am new, I have long been a Streetfighter enthusiast but could never find a community. Alas, I have found it. Eventually my suzu will be a fighter. This will be my second, my first was an 02 Kawi zr7. This will be better!

1. I plan to take off the 10" stretch, Lift to stock height(front and rear)
2. Koso gauge
3. After market tail
4. Fat handlebars
5. Move all the wiring insde frame
6. K4 front end swap
7. Discreet but legal lights(turn signals, brake light)
8. Custom headlight
9. Underseat exhaust


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Welcome to CF carthageGSXR! NIIIICE intro with PICTURES!! :D You've earned rep & looking forward to seeing what you do with your suzu, although it looks sexy in that paint already. ;)
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