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Well long story short I have to replace a shift fork and 3 gears. I don't know if the bent fork caused the dogs to slip or vice versa but they're fucked.

Anyone know if there are other transmissions with compatible gears? I have an 04 gsxr 600 set of gears and they have the right ratios and fit on the shaft but the dogs on the gears are different. On the 750 theres 4 big dogs per gear that interface flatly whereas the 600 has 6 smaller dogs that are undercut. On the 1000 models of similar years they all have smaller 6 dogs as well. The 06 750 has the smaller dogs too. These bikes of similar and more power running the smaller 6 safely.

Its hard to find an 04 750 tranny in good shape and I already have this 600 one, you guys reckon it'll be fine to dine or naw?
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