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05 06 636 parts

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the bike is an 05

motor $800 plus shipping it has around 8000 miles on it

air box


wire harness

upper and lower tripple with bearings

ignition and gas cap with key[the key is a little bent but it works]

gas tank with pump and front plastic part [one dime size rash not even a dent]

tail plastic [fixable rash on one side]

straight subframe and tray


hand controls

guages [8000 miles]

front seat

backseat is missing the strap and has a small tear smaller then a dime

swing arm

plastic upper stay[ram air tube]

rear pegs and brackets

shifter and linkage

calipers front and rear

rear master cylinder

rear shock

thats all i can remember at the moment the wheels are gone the forks and radial master im keeping if i can get some 05 06 rotors..will consider trades for some straight rotors

and the plastics and head light are gone
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well if theres only two then i don't think i will sell too many parts
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd another
i have no clue if it will fit but i got one if you find out it will
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