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I just wanted to write a little bit about my experience on my fork swap.

It is true All Balls Racing HERE has an awesome conversion list on their site for swapping different bearings. However, it doesn't mean jack shit if your necks are 2 different lengths. In my experience, it means the necks have to be swapped.

Now bear with me because it really isn't that hard.

The gixxer neck was about an inch and a half too short. So I pressed the necks out with an old fashioned bottle jack press. They really aren't in extremely tight, and with little effort and some fucking around with some square iron to "block" up the lower triple (not hard if you ever played with legos as a kid) so the neck faced up at 90 degrees (straight up) the necks popped right out the bottom.

So you have your two necks sitting in your greasy dick beaters. WTF do you do next? If you look on the chart at All Balls Racing HERE AGAIN
and find my two bike (the donor and the project) I can see the Ninja's neck is 25mm, and the Gixxer's neck is 30mm..

"Well, what the fuck do I do now?"

You need to find a bushing. I used a brass one.. Since I know the Ninja's neck is 25mm
and the gixxer's neck is 30mm I'm looking for a bushing that has a I.D (inside diameter) of 25mm and an O.D. (Outside diameter) of 30mm. That will make up my 5mm difference.

If you want to get really technical and you're good with a set of calipers. Take a measurement. My stem wasn't exactly 25mm but it was close enough.
To convert Metric to SAE you take your neck size and divide by 25.4

Ninja's neck 25mm / 25.4 = .9843 (rounded up) Which is just under an inch.
Gixxer's neck 30mm / 25.4 = 1.1811 Which is just over an inch.

So then I went to Fleabay ( and typed in my two numbers "25mmx30mm brass bushing" and after a little bit of digging I found this guy ASIsurplus who had the bushing I needed and a price I was willing to pay.

Now this guy got my payment on Saturday (in Texas) and shipped it out the same day. I got the bushing today, Monday (in NY) in my mailbox this morning... and it was free. So I highly recommend this guy..

I pressed the bushing in with the neck, it came out perfect. Now the bushing was a little bit too long. So I just used a cut off wheel on my dremel, did a little bit of trimming, and the bearing was able to sit nice and flush.

So.. this wasn't very hard as long as you have at least half a brain and just a little bit of common sense you'll do ok.

Any questions just ask. I'll do what I can to help you out.
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