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Hi guys. I just had a little lay-down at about 20 with my '07 zx6r. I wasn't speeding or doing anything extra-legal, just became the victim of some invisible gravel on the turn lane of an intersection. She's a little banged up. I'm fine (ATGATT), and the bike sounds and seems fine mechanically, I was only a half a mile from my house so I was able to get it back.

The damages goes as far as (from what I can see) a slightly bent radiator (no fluids leaking) and a bent shift lever. The fairings are a given.

It isn't that bad, but I can't bear the sight those scratches, so I think I'm going to go streetfighter. I wanted to talk to some people who might have experience with turning a bike into a streetfighter and get some help.

I'm trying to make it as cheap as I can go road-worthy. Do I just start taking fairings off and viola? Is there any way for me to keep my upper fairing and headlight assembly while losing everything else? I know it won't be pretty

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