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I am having a difficult time rewiring my new integrated tail light. Recently, the brake and tail light on my LED strip in the rear went out (indicators still working) and therefore I've decided to replace it with a little bit more visible setup: I decided to order one off Ebay

After disassembling the rear, this is what i found from the original owner's setup which is an absolute cluster----. Right now, i am having a hard time figuring out how to proceed. From what I can tell, the yellow wires denote the indicators, and the new white clip (black, green, red -- ground, running, brake) plugs right in, as visible in the photo.

Does this mean i need to disconnect the old indicators to have the new tail running light and brake light work?

I've plugged the new white clip into its socket, and it didn't light up. Do i need to disconnect the indicators from the old one, and splice the new yellow indicators from the new light for this to happen?

Any thoughts would be really helpful. thanks in advance, Im a bit lost.
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