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Right here goes i got a gsxr750k and a gsxr1052 which i want to turbo ive done some researching and need to know if ive got this right if i use the 1052 and fit 750 gear box and ********, oil pump as 1052 is missing,
Busa pistons? can it be bored out that much 76mm-81mm, or do i need to resleave? or should i get some forged standard pistons?
apprently you can run up to 8psi and 300bhp on standard pistons but not to sure about that one?
will i need a base spacer to lower compression as ******** will raise it?
I will be be using a TD04 turbo and ive got either vm29 flatslides or bst34 with metal lids or bst36.
Any help is needed pls
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