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I'm taking my time with this, it s 2004 Hyousng gt comet 125cc.
I still coming up with ideas shall I do this shall I rat it ect ect list goes on and on
Things done so far
Chopped Rear end
Every bolt and nut replaced with better quality
Dominator headlights
Seat covered
New side panels and tail tidy made (still to be worked on)

Still to do
Respray frame, engine
New air hoses and Clips for hoses (these bikes have a issue with air leaks cheap hoses)
Stubby exhaust
wrap exhaust pipes
rewire new brake lights and indicators

Things I could do but we will see
250cc engine
Upside down forks with duel front disk
Black widow pipes
*I could do it it but for cost reasons might leave them and use the money for a larger cc bike.

Any input is welcome


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Just my thoughts but...

First off lose that ridiculous skull mask. The clocks stick out pretty bad, I'd put on some small and tidy aftermarket gauge cluster like a Trailtech Vapor etc. If you can fabricate exhaust pipes (read:weld) an underbelly exhaust can maybe? There seems to be enough room. I'd make the tail as tiny as humanly possible, as if it would be just the seat and the light. Although I suppose the battery relays etc are there so some sort of a compartment must be left. However IMO that original tail isn't that bad to begin with if you lose the reg/indicamator hanger and make something tidier. reg plate beside or behind rear tire on a custom hanger. Rear hugger. Zero rise "dragbar" handlebars. I would not hipster-wrap the pipes. From the pics the original paint looks good enough to not mess around if you're not hell bent on changing the color, but if you're planning to spraybomb it, don't. I've emptied enough cans in my life to say it looks better now than it will and you'll be sorry you wasted your time and money.

It's not a bad starting point, but I'd keep the costs sensible. I don't suppose that engine would produce enough go to have any more benefit from a front end swap than the visual side, and I suppose it'll stop with the one disc just as well, if the brakes are poor maybe try a bigger brake cylinder from say a GSXR or something. And good quality pads. Wonders can be done to the front shocks by draining the original stray dog piss they use for shock fluid and replace with some reputable stuff.
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