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im working on a kz1000 st. need to replace the head gaskets but with the DOHC i kinda got ahead of myself. do anyone have a link for a pdf repair manual for this bike? i cant find one. or anyone able to give me a step by step on removing the cams and chain without losing my timing? would really appreciate it.

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Re: 1979 kz1000st

Wrong thread for help. Should've been posted in streetfighter help. Would've gotten alot more attention. :thumbsup:

As for the chain it would be as follows
1) pull the chain tensioner out, full assembly.
2) Maybe unbolt both cams, then bring them together to get more slack in the chain then pull cams out.

You will lose the cam time seeing as how you have to take out the cams regardless. But if you can get the engine at TDC on #1 piston, then take pictures of the markings on the cams, that should give you a very good idea of how to put them back in for a "one and done" type thing.

As far as the manual goes, I know has manuals for the kz's. Or you can buy a good Clymer manual on ebay.

Oh and how do you know it's the headgasket?
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