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Hey guys, did an f3 front end swap on my hurricane so i have a perfectly good front end that i no longer need, i have both forks, full brake system (calipers, resevior, lines, lever), full triple (upper and lower), left and right clip-ons, clutch perch with lever, axel (end nut, wheel spacer, wheel speed sense with removable blockoff for speedo cable).

I also have a perfectly good and straight front wheel with good rotors and decent tire (only been used for 1 season).

Along with the front end i can include a new set of fork seals, I also have the previous 2 forks that needed to be rebuilt but i replaced instead, one has a blown fork seal and i think the other is leaking.

The front end im offering can be put right on the bike and is in perfect mechanical condition along with the rim. No pitting in the forks, some minor paint fading on top triple.

I also have other hurricane parts if you need things other than the front end.


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