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Hey all.
This is my FZR;

Day one.

In the pictures she looks okay, kind of tidy, but nothing too special. And I suppose from a visual level she's not too bad. But I have some ideas. Very tatty underneath, but bought for an absolute steal.

Day two.

The side fairings are off, as she liked to cook in traffic, and it just looks a ton better. Although, I definitely need to spend some time tidying her up. Hopefully I should have the time to put some real time and effort into this, and maybe end up with something half decent!

I'm not sure what the general direction of this is; Whether I keep the bikini fairing or strip it completely naked and put some flat bars on it is still on the cards, but not for definate yet. This is my daily rider and having that screen is a God send in comparison to flying about on my old naked SV650. However, a solo back end (in the shape of an R6 or stubby tail I'm not sure yet.)
I also need to change my exhaust, it's a cut down and awfully welded back up Micron that's empty and loud as tits. I'll have to take a video some time soon...

Anyone got any ideas feel free to shout out.

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Go Cafe racer with a bikini fairing?

Here's an FZR cafe:

Do an Airtech bikini fairing for wind protection:

You can buy the fairings here:

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I used to read all the bike mags back in the 80s and I can remember how they had articles about this 1000 being the baddest bike on the road!!!

I feel old, who the hell reads magazines anymore?? I mostly just cruise the forums.

Anyway, good luck with the build.:D
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