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1990 gixxer electrical question

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i would like to strip the bike of most of the wiring...there is just tons of shit everywhere..does anyone have any good tips on where to start , maybe i can buy a wiring loom thats more minimal. I'm sure one of you guys has some tips...i would love to change the clocks too.
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First you need a complete wiring diagram of the bike. The only wiring you can get rid of is wires for stuff you don't use/have/need.

The easiest option is to unwrap all the wires and re-wrap them with electrical tape and wrap them tighter and in a more logical pattern.

If you splice wires, make sure you use the SAME or THICKER gauge wires. NEVER use a smalller gauge wire.
Depends on what you get and how yours are wired.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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