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more picks are coming. bikes not complete but just couldn't wait to show off the progress

Alright my street fighting brothers and sisters here's how it went down. I love the simplicity of the older CBR frames and their cheap so that's the bike I went with. Here it is before we move to operation "custom that [email protected]!"

So after the bike was all tore down I started with the simple stuff. I chopped the tail so I could fit a new tail fairing.

The new rear end setup before it was welded.

Then I'll just make it quick with the rest. Before and after pics say it all

The frame, gas tank, fork ends, brake calipers,wheels, bottom triple tree and motor mounts were powder-coated a mix of white and fluorescent orange. Everything thing else on the frame was either bought aftermarket or chromed. Check it...

Vortex aluminum rear sprocket and progressive 420 aluminum mono shock

That's all I got for now but the frame should be done by the end of the month. If you guys are still interested in seein the outcome keep posted. Look for the thread people! I'll have to start a new one cuz of limits on how many files I can post. Look for 1991 CBR F2 BUILD #2
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