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From this:

to this:

Project's name is Pasi Paskakasa or in english it would be something like Ben PieceOfShit.

Tank was modified from original with sheet metal and rear fairing is from ZX6R and was modified to fit tank with fiberglass.
Front mudguard will be modified later.

It has EFI and Micron exhaust system with LeoVinci muffler.

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good lookin kat, I like the part where the tail fairing meets the tank

and did you do a whole ground up efi conversion? if so you should definitely post it up man, i know for a fact a few of us have been looking into the same thing

yes i did whole ground up efi conversion, that's a long and rocky road i can tell.

basically i used:
2002 GSX600R throttle bodies,
2004 GSX1000R intank fuel pump (heavily modified to fit stock fuel level sender unit hole),
(when you use intank pump you obviously don't need external regulator and return line)
Innovate LC-1 with wideband sensor,
custom made ignition pickup sensor board using 2 hall sensors and custom made trigger wheel using 7 magnets (6-1 wheel) and
lots of wire (made completely new harness).

I got whole idea from forum, guy named TheSteve was my mentor.
Link to KatRiders thread.
Some of text is obsolete, but you'll get the idea.

I could post my story when I can gather it up.

Few pics:

Fuel pump (evo 1, but same idea was used later):

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