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SE Wisc, just west of Milwaukee.

No title. Got the bike complete, it'd just been dropped (lightly) on the left side, breaking the signals and peg assembly. Sold off the front fairings, guages, radiator. Rest is still here, roll it onto your trailer for $450. Great start to a cheap trackbike, or wedge a big single in it, whatever ... I haven't got the time to do anything with it.

Drop a line DIRECT if interested; if it doesn't move soon, I'll be parting it. Thanks for lookin.

I do have the Yosh system that came with the bike, it's rashed but usable and will go with it. Not having any luck posting pics to my usual account, so drop a line directly if you want one. Thanks again!

[email protected]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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