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Hello everyone, I'm new here and so far have gotten a lot of great ideas from what I've read. I recently picked up a 96 gsxr for $700. It's in pretty descent shape and runs good, just needed to be cleaned. Also needs a paint job since someone ATTEMPTED to paint it red then continue to put plasti dip over top of that... I've decided I want to go with the streetfighter look with a solo seat bobber tail, while still using the factory driver seat. I was just wondering if I could get some up close pics of the different brackets that have been made. Or even better if anyone knows of a tutorial that would be great! I've searched all over and found pics but can't seem to find anyone saying how they did it.. Thanks for any help!

What it looked like the day I picked it up..
And a picture of the tail after I painted it. I thought it looked good, but can't get by how big it is.. So that's out the window now. lol


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