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Had trouble uploading my pictures, but here is my bike- favorite build/project I've ever done. I am co-owner of a small shop and I recently wrote this up for a build from last fall. I recently started digging back into the bike to fab up a few more cool things so it kind of resurrected all my past pictures and posts....I just put the text into the thread you can see pictures on my website blog here :) -Amanda

Wanted to post some pictures on the blog of what this bike originally looked like. When it came out of the factory this was her. A bunch of owners and I’m assuming a couple crashes, the bike turned into this (repainted the plastics and tank black and some ugly Suzuki print thing on the side. I also hated the clubman bars he put on. So I took the sawzall and started cutting

This is the tail I picked out. Love the crazy German style tails. Pleidez Customs was the name of the company I believe. I also cut the stock seat down to fit correctly, found some cool brass knuckle engine guard type things (I ended up painting them red and they really popped), and sanded and prepped the subframe for welding.

I wanted some Ducati-esqu struts so I got some steel tubing from Home Depot and this is what I came up with. I used a Millermatic welder for the struts. I covered everything up, disconnected the battery and started. Some of my welds were pretty, some not so much (round steel tubing of different gages was the ABSOLUTE worst). I did a couple tests to see how they were holding up and I may have hit them all with a hammer multiple times haha.

Tail and seat were ready to put on. I upholstered the seat with some cool graffiti canvas cloth couch type material. It’s not waterproof and I will probably change it back to the stock black vinyl, but we’ll see. There’s something about colored seats that I really like. I also love the way the brass knuckles and the Danmoto slipon look on the bike. It sounds and looks fantastic.

I finished the bike up with some Zombie/Walking Dead type decals and a shitty light kit that I had lying around to see what it looked like. The plan was to do some more mods, but I really liked the way it come out so I rode it for about 1,000 miles now it’s back in my garage all torn apart again. Parts 2 and 3 of the build will be coming soon.
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