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Hello all, Old CF Member back.

I have recently acquired a 1996 750F that needs a fair bit of work - The 'half a job' fighter as i call it - The last owner before my brother had a go at fightering it and well, Let's just leave it at that. My brother didnt touch it, He bought it and it sat in his garage for a few months. I have popped on some bandit clocks, Cleaned up the down pipes and thats about it, Not had too much time to tinker but from what i have quickly assessed, These are the known issues so far:

Cylinder 4 never really pops off, Even when warmed up. #4 Downpipe is cold.

Leaking carbs, was #1 & then moved to #3 & #4 now just #3 is leaking. Float height issue im sure.

Fork oil seals weeping

Front disks seized

Front callipers not fully releasing - Need rebuilding

Chain & sprockets basically scrap

Generally tatty and not looked after.

The aim is to get the engine running well and then a full strip, clean, create a decent fighter out of it and then paint it. I will be removing the original rear subframe / seat unit and fuel tank and opting for either a MK1 Suzuki gsf600 (Bandit over here) or 1992 - 1995 GSXR 750 WN / WP fuel tank and a tail unit from the WN or WR.

Planned engine mods:

Either a B12 transplant (slots right in with no mods so i have read)


GSX1200 Headers
GSXR1100 Cams

I have read somewhere that the GSXR1100 head fits the 750 and is a nice little upgrade having bigger valves, ports and more aggressive cams - Something i need to look into more.

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