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this is my baby, never been "completed" but been ridden hard, been all over the place with it and really don't want to sell it, but time never stands still and life changes, so up for sale it goes, if it goes great, if not I'll keep riding and smiling.

as with most fighters way to many little things to list.

1998 vtr 1000
the good
clean title
2nd gen sv tail and subframe (vtr had a steel subby, this ones alum!) undertail isn't the prettiest, been hacked and melted back together to fit everything decently
gladius headlight with custom brackets to mount on the factory forks
ktm dirt bars with homemade clamps to the stock triple
blinkers in the handguards
chopped up microns... pretty darn noisy

the bad
carbs need help, still ridden often, but at constant partial throttle theres some annoying surging... starts great and goes like hell tho, hates cruising around (wants to GOOOOOO!!!!)

the wiring works but I barely cut into the stock harness so theres a lot of extra ugly wires that could be hidden.

Its been down, has a dented tank and frame to prove it, nothing structural (happened 4? 5? years ago, been beating on it since)

theres some overall ugliness, I never "finished" it the way I wanted, ive ridden the bike while building it, we all know how that goes.

no gauges on it currently, the mounts broke 2 months ago and I never fixed it. it still runs the stock cluster that shows 30k miles

so ya your typical sketchy streetfighter, although this one has been ridden, done nova scotia on it, deals gap, lots of other weekend & day rides as well as daily transport.

btw, this bike is INCREDIBLE on the dragon :D (was hunting this guy on the z dowwwwwwn)

asking $2000, im in Massachusetts. relatively firm on price but open to offers and trades, really anything mechanical, machinery related, really interested in dirt bikes, offroad riding has become a focus for me...

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thanks man, definitely a lot of potential, it has a shape that I think is darn nice... o and its an absolute blast to ride! stock gearing on it now, but I was running -1 up front and it was an absolute animal around town!

I have a set of 01? gsxr USDs for it, will throw in for the 2gs... already has the gsxr 6 piston brakes on it now.

I know 2grand is kind of a lot in some ways (can find stock hawks around here for about that) but this one is already on its way to greatness, my buddy has a stock one and the difference between the bikes is incredible. if it doesn't sell i'll have to keep it. damn.

anyone have a 500 motocrosser they want to trade :evilred:
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