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I have a cbr600 i bought for a project. It runs mint but it was dropped. CLEAN QC TITLE. Not too much damage. It has 25000km (canadian bike) tires are new (metzeller) chain and sprockets new from spring, brakes etc.. all good

I replaced the stator, regulator and battery. Starts first try every time and it has an undertail kit with led taillight and integrated flashers.

Heres the damage i saw

-upper fairing cracked
-both side fairings rashed (left side has almost nothing)
-tail fairing has a crack (repaired)
-radiator bent a little but does not leak
-small scratches on the frame on brake lever side and on the exhaust
- missing mirrors, windshield and front flashers

It begs to be streetfightered

1500$ firm.

Located 15 minutes from montreal, quebec, canada.

No shipping and exportation to us is so easy its a joke. Please no if you were closer i would buy it. Get your ass in your truck and drive lol

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