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2000 GSXR750 rear

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Hey all, the sprocket on my Gix is a Vortex sprocket, I'll get some pics but it's in great shape...I was just wondering if anyone had one that's stock gearing or even better a couple teeth smaller than stock??

I think this one is larger than stock but I'll have to count the teeth to be sure, it was one the bike when I bought it(wrecked) and the previous guy had been tracking it, that's why I believe is a little bigger than stock

Just looking for a straight across trade, but I'll need your sprocket before I can send mine, I depend on this bike for transportation everyday...don't worry I'm not out to screw anyone over, I'm just trying to improve my gas milage alittle

Thanks in advance, let me know:)

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Sorry, crappy pics and it's dirty but it's the best I got right now

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