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2000 Yamaha R6 Parts for Sale

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Here are the parts I've taken off of my bike while turning it into a cafe fighter. (
PM me with questions if you have any, anything in red is free if you pay for shipping. I warn you in advance that ALL parts are from a 13 y/o bike and you should expect ware on all parts. It was also set down on it's left side and those plastics are a little rough. Price will reflect that. You pay to ship but I will get you a quote ASAP so that you know what it'll cost ya.

Aftermarket headlight: $30 - REDUCED

Old head light unit: $20 - REDUCED

Lower right fairing: $20 - REDUCED

Lower left fairing: $15

Stock turn signals: $5 - REDUCED
CF Front signals: SOLD
Beat up bar ends (will get both): $Shipping
HID Kit (warning, one has a faulty solder but thats all that is wrong with it - im told): $20 - pending

Chopped subframe ($25), chopped under tray ($15), front seat ($35), rear seat ($15), fairing ($20),
All for $100 - REDUCED

Front End:
Parts included:

upper and lower triple (no stem) - 43mm fork holes - $20
brake lines - $5
brake calipers - $20
rotors - $20 for both
front rim - $40
axle and spacers - $20
telescoping forks - 43mm - $75
stock clip ons (7/8th) - $20

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Will the hid kit fit a r1? And are the bulbs good?
You just wire it in. I can imagine it will work. And both bulbs work.
Reduced Prices^^
Those fairing could make someone a nice chin if they cut it to their needs. I would do a pre-trim if you wanted to cut down on shipping costs as well.
How fair/good is the light output from that non-oem headlight?
wish I could tell you, I never had it plugged in. It was an impulse buy that i didn't think in context to my bike and style. I believe this is the same company:
What parts for the tail do you have left?

subframe? fairings? seats? under-tray? tailight?

how much would it cost for them all plus shipping to the uk?
I'll get you a quote later this week - pretty packed schedule
I have the subframe - sub tray - fairing - driver and passenger seat - passenger pegs. I thing is I had chopped the frame and the under tray so it's only solo riding right now - easily welded to add the second rider back on.
All parts listed still available!
Newly added - entire '00 R6 front end (excluding stem) - PM any reasonable offers and I'll get it to you as soon as I can get my new zx6r front end installed (approx 2 weeks)
I don't have space for both front ends in my tiny ass room.

Parts I would trade for: 50mm clip ons, 07-08 zx6r rear rim, sprocket, and/or tire. VFR SSSA set up. machined parts (when needed).
Still have the HID Kit? I'll have it if you do...pending cost to 28273.
Include prices for parting out the front and the rear, lowered priced on most everything.

The seat is in great condition
r6 tail,driver seat,under tail....for my fzr600.
r6 tail,driver seat,under tail....for my fzr600.
PM sent
I don't unfortunately, someone asked for the fairing and not the lights. . .
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