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Hey guys, so I picked this up Friday just gone and started about stripping off the crash damaged parts. I picked it up for £500 all in. Full service history and 14k miles on the clock.

The damage is from a lowside at 70, bike ended up flipping end over end and slid into another parked bike. It results in bent forks, some scratched fairing and a snapped right rearset. Remarkably the bike is still in good scructural condition. I checked around the headstock and it looks fine. I believe after the carb'd models they braced the headstock slightly more than before. Which is good in this case.

So here it is.

As it stands it needs headlight cowl, forks, brake rotors on the front and a rear tailpiece. He crashed at 70 and the bike flipped end to end and into another bike bending the forks. Minor damage considering. I'll get more pictures of the damage tomorrow. :)

14k miles :)

Cheap price considering the mileage and history with the bike. I'll charge the DSLR camera and get some proper pictures of the damage tomorrow. On to streetfightering I guess! :D
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