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If you've seen my "build" thread, you know the back story to this. So without further ado:

-Swingarm with wheel, tire, new sprocket, and new chain - $25

-Rear brake caliper and lines and right rearset - $10

-Engine - top end with valves, injector fuel rail / air manifold and camshafts, cylinder head, and bottom casing, a couple covers, complete clutch basket, front sprocket, injectors, spark plugs misc bolts, some parts I don't recognize (no pistons/rods or crankshaft) - JUST PAY SHIPPING

-Headers, mid pipe, and stock exhaust - $10

-Subframe - $10

-Wiring Harness - $10

-Fairings - $25

-Headlight and headlight fairing (would look sick on a half fairing fighter) - $25

-Radiator, fan, and water pump (may be missing hoses and bolts) - $10

-Shock - $10

PM me if you're interested. I'm in the process of cleaning things up and organizing things - I'll do my best to get you good pics. I haven't ever shipped big shit like this but if you want something let me know

All prices are OBO, shipping not included.

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if you werent so far id be allllll over that front end...any one know how much it costs to ship a front end?
Depends how good u are at boxing shit. I've had from 70-150$

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Thanks bro. I'm still looking for a can to chop...

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