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Got some fairings i no longer need as well as a couple other things. All should fit 2001-2003 600's and 750's.

Heres what I got-

Both side fairings- have been welded in a couple spots from the back but theyve had all the body work done and painted so you cant tell

Nose fairing

Tail- cracked in several places

Front Fairing stay

Headlight with two working H7 bulbs included


Ram Air Tubes

I dont really know what to ask for this stuff so ill give it my best shot. Offers welcome! all this is +shipping simply because i have no clue what shipping would cost

Side fairings- 75$ each or 120$ for the pair

Nose- 40$

Tail- 20$

Fairing Stay- 20$

Headlight- 40$

Windscreen- 20$

Ram Air Tubes- 30$ for pair

Hit me up if anyone wants any of this stuff! Ill just post a picture of everthing on the bike but i can send individual pics if you want.


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I don't know if you'll get much of a response here with selling fairings since almost none of us use them but maybe someone's got a track bike or something. How's the condition of the headlight? Any cracks or anything? All the mounting tabs are good? Does it use two bulbs or one? Thanks in advance.

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