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Waukesha WI area.

Nice runner, hell for strong. Fuel injected, starts and drives great but no title. Previous owner bought it after being reassured you could just pop down to the local DMV and they'd hand you a title. Found out it's not that easy. I bought it from him.

Custom paint, bodywork has some light cracks. Pipe, custom upper triple, but mostly stock. Around 25k miles. KBB says $3700 with a title, ride this one off into the sunset for $2100 cash - or I'll part out, if anyone wants the motor or major parts. Email directly if interested in parts or the whole shebang, I'm at [email protected]

Partial bike trades (with cash coming this way) considered. Ride safe.


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Definitely parting the bike out, have a buyer coming to pick up the motor on Saturday. Taking a farewell ride tonight, then the wrenches come out.

Some prices. Add actual shipping from 53089, I ship via USPS or FedEx Ground. Parts can also be picked up in Milwaukee WI.

front wheel complete with rotors 125
front axle asm 20
front calipers 50/set
brake m/c assembly 30
clutch lever/perch asm 20
clipons 30/set
forks 125/pr
triples 75 (upper is aftermarket)
fender 30
switchgear 40/set

rear wheel complete with rotor 125
axle asm 20
caliper 25

CDI 75
reg/rect 25
wiring harness 75
coils 40/set

foot controls 60/set
seats 50/set
tank 120
fuel pump 25
lockset 30 (ignition switch, key, tank cap)
windscreen 30
guages 60
sidestand asm 25
subframe 60

Email direct: [email protected]


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