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Selling my streetfighter project bike. I did a lot of work on it over the winter including R1 forks, rebuilt transmission, and other mods(see build thread). I got it just about done and rode it for a while and then the cam chain tensioner broke and caused it to jump time.

I just took the head off and inspected for damage. There was no damage done to the valves or pistons. however the cam journals are showing some wear. I would like to sell the bike as is with the title in hand. I am asking $1500 for the bike. New cam chain tensioner and re-timing and the bike should run great. I have another project in mind and can not afford both bikes. Currently the head is off the bike as well as the exhaust, radiator, and a the front brakes are not filled with brake fluid.

PM me for questions. I live in Cape Girardeau MO.


How it looked before it broke down.

The cam journal wear.

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