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First project bike, severely limited knowledge, skills and equipment.
So Far,
- Stripped fairings,
- Kleen Air Mod
- Stubbied Exhaust
- Integrated Smoke Tailight
- Some form of alien streetfighter headlight
- Painted frame black
- Painted tank, fender and rear plastic bright red
- Dented gas tank

Still to come;
-Dirt bars
-crash cage
-50T rear sprocket
- Bar End mirrors
- Round Bar
- Subcage
- Handbrake
- Shorty levers
- Tickets/fines

Thoughts advice and assholes welcome :party-smiley:


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Good start and welcome in!

If you're keeping those rubber tubes then you'll need to fix the pressure problem it creates!

You'll see a pipe on the right hand side of the airbox, coming from the carbs.
This needs to be connected into your airbox on the engine side of the filter. This will pressurise your carb bowls to the same pressure as the airbox and it will mean that you don't start blowing fuel out the breather and get running issues.
So what i did was, removed the tube/bar that ran paralell to the carbs then drilled two holes in the airbox to allow me to run an individual hose into each intake, directly to the float bowls, should do the trick.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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