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2002 Triumph Sprint

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Just picked up a 2002 Sprint ST that I was considering making into a fighter, but after riding it for a few days im not a fan of it so I thought I would offer it up for sale. have it on Craigslist for 3000 obo. will will sell to CF member for 2500 obo, or trade
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If you're not a fan can you explain why, so people here don't inherit "a problem".
I don't like the riding position. I'm used to my zrx1200 with more upright bars. This is a bike I bought not running and fixed and was going to possibly fighter it but other things have come up and I'd rather have money right now. If it doesn't sell I'll probably fighter it over the winter. I'm not a fan if the clip-ons even though it does appear to have risers on them but I'll switch it to dirty bars if I end up keeping it

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